About Us

Cambridge International Education Centre (CIEC) is a unique professional organisation of internationally recognised senior academics who offer a range of education and training services to a myriad of clients including educational institutions, companies, awarding bodies organisations and individuals, both within the UK and internationally.

The uniqueness of CIEC emanates from the galaxy of experienced international academic practitioners that it can offer to clients. These practitioners not only have a wealth of relevant experience across a plethora of disciplines but they also bring practical common sense and commercially sensitive solutions to the challenges encountered.

A summary of the services available to clients by CIEC is outlined in the sections below.

Collaborative Partnerships with UK/International Universities

One of the primary services offered by CIEC is to assist Higher Education Institutions/colleges internationally in securing collaborative partnerships with UK and/or international Universities so that the client institution is accredited/validated to offer UK/US/international degree and postgraduate degree qualifications from their premises in country.

This is a much sought after service and full details of the same are set out in our Consultancy and Partnership Business Proposal document.

UK Professional and Vocational Qualifications

CIEC is very experienced in dealing with a number of UK Ofqual regulated awarding bodies and is able to handle all the necessary application and inspection procedures for institutions seeking to offer such qualifications. We are also able to advise clients as to the most suitable awarding bodies reflective of your strategic direction and business plans.

Areas of Expertise

CIEC has, by virtue of its extensive team of available Consultants, expertise across a wide range of academic disciplines. However, we specialise in Business, Management and English language education, with our key personnel having a globally recognised academic, consulting and publishing profile.

New Programme Design and Development

A particular strength of CIEC is that it has the experience and expertise to design new education/training programmes for institutions or organisations expeditiously and efficiently. In this regard, we have an established track record of developing a range of tailored Pre Bachelors, Pre-Master’s and Pre- Doctoral courses to better prepare learners for success at degree, postgraduate and Doctoral levels respectively.

English Language Provision

Further, CIEC has high level experience in the provision and assessment of a wide range of English Language qualifications, including the Pearson Test of English (PTE) and IELTS and for many years we were designated as the official Cambridge test centre for PTE.

We offer a range of bespoke (ESP) programmes including –

  • Business English
  • Legal English
  • Medical English
  • Academic English

A new addition to our portfolio is the one-month CIEC UK/CIEC English Language Taster programme delivered in both London and at our prestigious Cambridge campus. This is designed to enable students to strengthen their English Language skills, gain an awareness of the cultural dynamics of living and studying in the United Kingdom, appreciate some of the major historical, sporting and cultural attractions of UK, London and Cambridge and enjoy a range of cultural and leisure activities in unison with a number of other like-minded students from all over the world.

CIEC PhD Advantage

Increasingly more and more students who have successfully completed a Master’s degree or a UK Level 7 professional qualification want to further their career development and potential by securing a PhD or (its equivalent) DBA degree. However, many well qualified students often encounter 3 problems in gaining registration for a PhD or DBA with a UK University for two main reasons.

Firstly, most Universities do not have as much Doctoral research supervisory capacity as they would like. Secondly, many good students are denied admission because they lack informed advice and guidance as to the identification and drafting of their research proposal and have had little or no assistance in choosing the right international University best suited to their proposed area of research.

To address these realities, CIEC have launched the CIEC PhD Advantage which is designed to better help qualified students gain admission to a UK or international University to study for a Doctoral research degree by addressing these problems. Under this scheme a member of the CIEC PhD Panel will work with a prospective Doctoral student and help them to draft a suitable Research Proposal and offer assistance as to which Universities the student should submit their proposal.

Crucially for the purposes of the PhD Advantage scheme, CIEC has a reservoir of experienced UK based academic consultants with proven records of success in supervising Masters and Doctoral students both within the UK and internationally who comprise the CIEC PhD Panel.

This is a much sought after service and full details of the same are set out in our CIEC PhD Advantage Scheme and Pro Forma documents.

Development of Distance Learning Materials

The growth of online programmes has been a major ‘game changer’ in the field of global higher education. However, critically most reputable online degree programmes have the same value, acceptance and credibility as any equivalent campus based degree.

The reality is that online/distance/blended learning is here to stay and will increasingly become the dominant mode of study for many students who for domestic, financial or professional reasons cannot leave home.

CIEC has a developed profile in respect of providing distance/blended learning for tertiary education and professional training. So, for example, we are currently developing a global distance learning and online MBA for a major UK University as well as online training programmes for major organisations. By virtue of this profile we have globally recognised expertise in developing e Texts and VLE related teaching and learning materials.

Quality Assurance

CIEC and its team of Consultants have particular proven experience in the area of quality assurance and interaction with regulatory bodies, both within the UK and internationally.

We can, for example, assist institutions prepare for regulatory body inspections and University validations and accreditations, including reviewing and strengthening the documentation for the same.

Visiting Professors

A number of the CIEC Senior Management Team of Consultants are willing to consider appointment as a Visiting Professor at a suitable client institution and in this role provide an agreed number of staff development seminars and a number of lectures to your student community.

Such appointments will invariably add considerable gravitas and experience to the profile of your institution and significantly enhance the learning experience of your student community.

Current Projects

CIEC is currently involved in a number of major projects both in the UK and internationally. They include delivering MBA and MPhil programmes to UK and international Business Schools, training English language teachers in Curitiba, Brazil and establishing undergraduate and postgraduate provision in Middle Eastern countries. Further, we are developing the curricula for all levels of new schools in various countries including Qatar and establishing English Centres in Africa.

We are also currently working to offer UK Ofqual regulated professional qualifications in conjunction with an established CIEC satellite centre in China.